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ICO BROTHERS is a consulting company that has been working on the cryptocurrency market since 2017. Our clients are more than 350 projects of various directions.
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Our competence

Working on a business model
  • Concept creation
  • Development of token economy
  • Security audit
  • Statistics and monitoring
Product creation and development
  • Business tokenization
  • Development
  • Social media marketing
  • Ads in search engines
  • Search promotion
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Technical support
Monetization and management
  • Entering new markets
  • Monetization and work with sales
  • Listing on the exchange
  • Market-making


Sergey Sevantsyan
International crypto expert
If you need "brothers in mind" - this is ICO Brothers. Everyone knows perfectly well that in order to organize a crowd, you need the ringleaders. And to organize an ICO (to activate people in telegram, facebook, bitcointalk) and make the first move, you need a well-coordinated team of "reliable" followers, which the guys have. If you need to organize activities, ask the ICO Brothers!
Alexander Mamasidikov
Co-founder of ITConf.Asia
ICO Brothers is a great team. I have been working with them for a long time. They are one of the most competent teams in the field of crypto marketing, offering unique solutions for each project. It's always a pleasure to work with them!
Andrey Grachev
Huobi Russia
The ICO Brothers team has a solid experience and skills in realization of projects in the cryptocurrency market. I would especially like to mention the competence in PR and business development.
Guy Yanpolsky
Co-founder of Future.Time
The cryptocurrency market is filled with many consulting companies, but not all of them work honestly and professionally. ICO Brothers company has been on the cryptocurrency market for 4 years and has proven itself as a well-reputed business.


Foundation of ICO Brothers. Launch of the first reputation management services.
Formation of the entire line of marketing services. Creation of a development direction.
Work in the IEO market. Close interaction with exchanges and market makers.
Rebranding and launch of the concept of "Help in making crypto projects".

Media about us

«ICO Brothers has been working on the market since 2016, offering a full range of services for launching the ICO. It covers the European, American and Asian markets.»
«At the negotiation stage, we try to understand as much as possible what kind of project it is, what kind of people are behind it, and what goals they are pursuing. »
«ICO Brothers works with projects at all stages - from the development of an idea, creation of a Whitepaper to launch of an MVP, listing on an exchange, and post ICO marketing.»
«For 4 years of work in the cryptocurrency market, this agency has managed to implement about 350 projects, a number of which has become world-famous.»






Aleksey Zuzin
Pavel Shevchenko
Accound Director
Artur Simonyants
Head of projects
Olga Ilyna
Content Director

Type of project

18 projects
Internet portals
about cryptocurrencies
An Internet site containing the latest news of the cryptocurrency market. The most popular section is also the directory of companies and persons.
Often, the portal's functions also include dictionaries, articles, and various special projects.
1 project
Forums about
A time-tested project format that allows users to carry out all kinds of communication - create topics, discuss sensitive issues, share files and start personal correspondence. The world's most famous crypto forum is Bitcointalk.
4 projects
Exhibitions and conferences about cryptocurrencies
Offline cryptocurrency events are very popular all over the world. This format allows you to find new clients and partners, as well as to announce your new projects and technologies.
1 project
Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges
Only the owner of the exchange has access to the user's personal account. Even the management of the exchange can not control the funds on the user's account. The user is responsible for the safety of funds on such exchanges.
1 project
cashback service
Any customer making purchases in the store will be happy to receive a small cashback of one of the popular cryptocurrencies. This model will increase loyalty and increase the chances of returning the customer.
1 project
Monitoring of cryptocurrencies
and exchanges
The project, which constantly receives data from cryptocurrency exchanges, organizes ratings of coins and tokens according to the exchange rate, capitalization and changes in value.
The world's most famous projects in this category are coinmarketcap and coingecko.
29 projects
Tokens on the basis of Ethereum, Tron, Minter
Any popular blockchain allows you to create a token within its ecosystem. On the one hand, this guarantees reliable work, but on the other, it imposes obligations to pay commissions in the coin of the selected system.
3 projects
Stable coins
Tokens whose value is linked to the exchange rate of a currency, precious metal, or raw material. Such projects are created on the basis of the most popular blockchains and are used for calculations. The most famous and largest stablecoin is Tether.
2 projects
Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges
This type of crypto exchange is the most popular. As a rule, they have a large number of security systems, and their owners are responsible for the users ' funds that are on the exchange's balance.
12 projects
Telegram bots
Many users are used to receiving services without leaving the messenger. Sending just a few messages, they can get the necessary information or make a payment or transfer.
1 project
Modules for accepting cryptocurrencies for payment for goods
Cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in our lives. Many stores, along with plastic cards and electronic money, want to be able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.
1 project
Monitoring and aggregators of exchange services
Searching an exchange, users often use monitoring, which allows them to compare rates and choose the most suitable exchange. Monitorings of exchangers are a convenient and useful tool.
1 project
Regional meetups
and hackathons
Large cryptocurrency companies constantly hold regional meetups in order to interest local audiences in their services. These events help to attract new users and get feedback from potential customers.
2 projects
Trading platform or bot
Trading is the most popular niche in the cryptocurrency market. Trading platforms and bots allow the user to automate the trading process and transfer the account to the management of a bot that exceeds the speed and knowledge of the user.
1 project
Platforms based on the Ethereum, Tron, and Minter blockchains
The use of blockchain technologies helps to store data of various projects in a decentralized manner. This guarantees that no one can replace or delete them. The implementation of the blockchain also allows you to implement smart contracts.
2 projects
The system of cryptocurrency exchange
Today, users have an urgent question about the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another or for various payment systems. This service allows you to perform such operations as safely as possible online.
21 projects
POW, POS, DPOS-coins
New cryptocurrencies can be launched as completely "from zero", or in the form of a fork of another coin. Own blockchain of such projects allows them to create a full-fledged ecosystem and attract developers and crypto enthusiasts.
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Pavel Shevchenko
Account Director
ICO Brothers