Сommunity promotion Btt, Tlg, Reddit

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Every ICO project starts its topic on the largest cryptocurrency forum Bitcointalk. A good thread with active discussions and a large amount of information is an important factor that investors consider before participating in the ICO.

In addition, a very important channel for attracting the target audience and constant attention to the project is Telegram. This is an important tool for online communication with potential investors.

Creating a thread on reddit is the most effective way to reach out to the foreign audience of your ICO’s potential investors. The availability of a highly rated reddit account shows a potential investor the high level of your ICO project.

Our services give you the following advantages:
1. The discussion is always upped, which gives you a constant flow of users and investors
2. The community’s volume and activity increase conversions across all channels of attraction
3. You answer questions and develop the correct concept of the project
4. Due to the constant activity of your project, people will always talk about it
5. Attraction of investments is not limited to one economic space

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